E-Com Product Photography Prices

Show your product in clear and concise way.  A studio shot of the item on a pure white background with a neat natural shadow, no props or backgrounds.  If you're selling online, clear photos help set a realistic expectation of what a customer will be receiving in the mail.

All product shots are  retouched to a digital white background, dust is removed and the product is colour matched.  Keywords can be applied to the metadata to aid search engines finding your product.  Empty background PNG's can also be supplied.

1 Single product shot  £30.00 per image

2-4 Single product shots  £20.00 per image

5-9 Single product shots  £15.00 per image

10-20 Single product shots £14.00 per image

 Group of 1-5  products shot on a white background  £35.00 per image

There is no minimum order amount and there are no hidden costs.

These prices are a guide for product shapes that are simple to retouch and require no significant styling e.g. a bottle.  For complex shaped items e.g. a bicycle please contact me with the details for an accurate quote.  The differing prices reflect the hour of initial equipment set up.  Amends to completed images will be priced accordingly.

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