Beauty Product Photographer

Your products beautifully lit, thoughtfully styled.  Fragrance, skincare, cosmetics and haircare.


Styling for beauty product photography

Get creative, we can draw inspiration for your brand imagery from several areas, your packaging, brand colours, formulation and application method. The pre-shoot consultation will draw together our ideas  to showcase your brands features in considered beauty product photography styling.  I can source the required props before the shoot plus I provide on the shoot day prop and product styling.


Props for Beauty product photography

I have a wide selection of props that are great to use for beauty product photography in neutral tones and rich textures.  All my props are complimentary to use helping to reduce your photography budget and reducing any waste created by the studio.  I stock painted backgrounds, A1 card backgrounds, colourful linen backgrounds, and stone tile backgrounds.  To create layering in the styling plan I have marble trays, bowls and linen napkins.  Dried flowers are available and a selection of houseplants for fresh foliage.

 View my photography props


Why use lifestyle product photography?

Each brand is unique we can convey this uniqueness through lifestyle beauty product photography.  By drawing together beautiful relevant props, considered styling and creative lighting I can create brand imagery that delivers. 


Beauty product texture photography

Skincare dabs, cosmetic crushes, haircare swirls and smears.  Show your products texture with some swatches.


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