How to prepare for a lifestyle photography shoot

Make a brief

Summarise where and how the images will be used and describe the brand message you would like to convey in the imagery.  

It's great to include an example image showing the style you would like to achieve, Pinterest is a great research tool for this. 

I provide an Excel shot list template for all the information that is required to book your shoot eg

List each image required and  bullet point the content of each image.  Specify the image proportions you require, square landscape etc.  Images are styled and composed to suit this image ratio so this is vitally important.  Good image naming helps your product to be searchable online.  To make the best use of this feature include the name of each of your products, use lowercase letters and -hyphens instead of spaces in-between words.

Select your approval method

I know your busy running a buisness so I have made 5 options for approving your images on the shoot day to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

1. Attend the shoot in person.   FYI I've recently moved and my home is undergoing renovation.

2. A send and shoot service.  Using your brief and mood-board I work through your shot list and send you a final watermarked contact-sheet after the shoot.  An affordable option if you don't need to approve the images. 

3. Email approval.  Receive emails throughout the day containing each prepared image for you to approve or suggest amends before I move onto the next image.  This method is appropriate for highly styled images when shooting 7 images per day.  Extra time is allocated in the quote to allow for this process, approximately 20 minutes per image.  It's best to schedule a day in your diary when you are readily available.

4. A virtual photoshoot email.  Receive a zoom link to the shoot but only be alerted when an image is ready for discussion.  See the images arrive in my capture software as I share my screen with you, communicate via your audio only.  This method is appropriate for highly styled images when shooting 7 images per day.  Extra time is allocated in the quote to allow for this process, approximately 20 minutes per image.  It's best to schedule a day in your diary when you are readily available.

5.   Virtual photoshoot.  Art direct the shoot remotely in real time throughout the day by seeing the images arrive in my capture software as I share my screen with you, communicate via your audio only.

See more remote shoot details.

Request a quote

Say hello and email me with your brief to start the ball rolling.  I provide an Excel shot list template for you to complete all the information that is required to request a quote.

 If you have any questions for me please just ask, I'm happy to help.

Select how your products will be returned to you.  Either arrange the collection of your products with your own courier, or I can return them to you via DHL this cost will be added to your invoice.

Please mention during the quote process if you require one round of retouching amends after the shoot is complete.  An additional half day would be required, scheduled and added to the quote.  

Enquire about my availability, please bear in mind this does change daily.

Pre-shoot consultation

Let's talk about your brand in a pre-shoot consultation, a zoom call or phone call allowing me to efficiently answer any questions you may have about planning and booking a shoot.  This gives me the opportunity to learn about your products and brand identity.  The client can outline the images that are required, indicating the quantity and image style through example images or a shared Pinterest mood-board.  

Taking into account the styling requirements I can give an indication of the amount of time required to complete the shoot.

Liaise with me on the prop selection for your shoot. I have a selection of house props available to help accessorise your set.

Book a date for your shoot

I recommend booking eight weeks in advance of your photoshoot for availability.  This also allows time for the shoot planning process.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your date in my diary.  

Seasonality can plays a big role in availability, Autumn is the busiest season and availability can run to 12 weeks.

It's best to allow some buffer time if you are receiving new printed packaging or samples as they can be delayed in transit.

Booking form & deposit invoice

Now it's time for the paperwork, you will receive a booking form and client contract which has all the details of the shoot plus my terms and conditions.  These are dated, signed and returned to me.  

I also email through your 50% deposit invoice, once paid your dates are then secured in my diary.

Treatment document

Once you're  booked in I collate all the information we have shared into a treatment document so we have all the shoot info in one document.  This document outlines 

The shoot concept, 

The shot list, 

The approval method, 

Image aspect ratio, 

Reference images / mood-board,

Props selected for the shoot.

Deliver your products

Securely deliver your products to me five days in advance of the actual shoot date, or bring them along if you are attending the shoot.  

Choose products that are in perfect condition for the best results eg. clearly printed straight/ level labels. Small products will be represented larger than life size, so it's vitally important to carefully package your products to reduce any scratching or damage during transit.

After the shoot is complete

 After the shoot your images are cleaned up to remove any dust then they are cropped to your specification.  Generally the editing is booked in for the day after the shoot meaning a fast turnaround time for receiving your lovely new images.

 I email you a watermarked contact sheet of the final images along with your balancing payment invoice.

Once the invoice is paid your images are delivered to you via a We Transfer download link.   You are ready to use your new imagery to promote your brand.

I carefully pack away your products ready for collection by your courier.  Alternatively if requested in the quote I can send the parcel by DHL courier, this cost will be added to your invoice.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you, if you have any questions please get in touch.

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