Product Photography

Your products beautifully lit, thoughtfully styled

I specialise in product photography for Jewellery, Skincare, Haircare, Homeware, Food & Drink & Stationery brands.

Showcase your products in a styled environment that communicates the feel of your brand. Styled product photography has the ability to bring your products to life. I love working with independant brands and small business to make ideas a reality.

Share you ideas and inspiration with me so I can create a mood-board for your next photoshoot.


Product photography styling

Whether your brands look is minimal and modern or layered and intricate I'll create styled product photography to convey the characteristics of your brand.   Colourful backgrounds with geometric horizon lines  feel dynamic and modern.    Fabrics add softness, texture and layering to packaging shots.  Foliage and flowers can be used to create pops of colour or beautiful shadows and interest.  I'm here to help choose the best props to visualise your style.


Food photography

Whilst I'm not a home economist I can prepare simple food and drinks packaging with great prop styling and lighting.


Stationery photography

Give a three dimensional feel to your stationery with props and photography chosen to complement your brand.  Perfect for wedding stationary.


Product photography props 

Accessorise your shoot with my selection of complementary photography props.   For example neutral painted backgrounds 100x80 cm, colourful card, stone tiles, linen, ceramics, vases, dried foliage and houseplants.  I love using fresh foliage from the local florist to breath life into my imagery.  All of which I can use to create your brands product photography.


Branding product photographer

Already have a vision for your brands style?  Share it with me using an example image or mood board so I can get a feel for what you're looking for.   Interested in something new?  Let me make a mood-board for your next shoot.


Remote product photographer UK

You don't need to be local to attend a shoot, I use Zoom screen sharing with clients from across the country.  My image capture software means you can see the shoots progress and art direct from your own office.  Choose from 5 image approval options.

More info on remote photography.

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