Product videographer

Lifestyle product video is perfect for social media IG reels and product pages

Show off what your product looks like in the real world with a demonstration video.  A simple concept brought to life with my creative prop styling and beautiful studio lighting.  Start with a list of product features to make a storyboard for your video, make use of editing techniques to highlight these features.  

Shooting video requires a different camera and lighting type to stills photography so its best to book in half/ full days separately. 

People engage with video easily so creating short looping videos is a great way to market your product and brand.  








Videographer for products 


Videographer Option 1 A half day

9.00am-1.00pm  £450.00 

Videographer Option 2 A whole day

9.00am-5.00pm  £700.00 

Video for products is shot on a DSRL camera at HD with LED lighting.  

Editing will be completed during the shoot day to ensure that each scene is perfect before moving onto the next set up.  

I don’t include music in the videos so that you can change the feel of the video for different platforms.  

Product video can be made at different image ratios.

 IG reel ratio 6x19 ratio 1080 x1920px or landscape 19x6.   

1x1 at 1080x1080px. 

4x5 ratio 1080x1350px

Export options for small medium and high file size.


Editing ideas for customising your product video

Add your logo to the start of the video by providing it as a PNG

Change your image crop to suit a platform eg IG reels

Add a vertical or horizontal slide transition to the next image

Add a blink to white in-between images

Add a blink to black in-between images

Slow fade from one image to the next

Freeze frame on an important image to emphasise a point

Play in slow motion, fast forward or rewind.

Add some text overlay to an image or end frame

Product video information

Think of each video as a story board and count the number of scenes required to make each video.

I can provide a power point storyboard template to help break down the scenes required for your video.

 I would allow approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to set up light and film each scene, plus adding it into the video software timeline.

 It's best to check each scene works before moving onto the next. 

Remember there is no retouching on video, be sure to select packaging that is perfect where product labels are straight etc.

Bear in mind that motion shots can require several takes to achieve the correct result and there can be clean up required of the set in-between each scene too.

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