Lifestyle Product Photography

Your products beautifully lit, thoughtfully styled

I specialise in Lifestyle Product Photography for Jewellery | Skincare | Haircare | Stationary | Homeware | Food & Drink | Fashion accessories.

Based in Hastings, East Sussex and available for remote bookings from across the UK.


The Process


The Plan

Outline your brief to book a pre-shoot consultation, together we discuss your requirements and brand style.  Secure your shoot date with a 50% deposit.  I finalise your brief by making a treatment document summarising all the shoot info.

The Shoot

Your products come to life when I style them with props and fabulous lighting.  Be a part of the shoot day as much or as little as you require by choosing image approval options 1 to 5.

The Editing

This is the final polish that makes your images look amazing...  Images are colour balanced as a set and retouched to remove dust.  I share a download link to images that are ready to go online.



Product Photography

Beauty Photography

Jewellery Photography


Learn more about the process


Lifestyle product photography consultation

Let's talk about your brand in a pre-shoot consultation, a zoom call or phone call allowing me to efficiently answer any questions you may have about planning and booking a shoot.  This gives me the opportunity to learn about your products and brand identity.  The client can outline the images that are required, indicating the quantity and image style through example images or a shared Pinterest mood-board.  Taking into account the styling requirements and image approval method I can give an indication of the amount of time required to complete the shoot.

Booking your shoot

I recommend booking 8 weeks in advance of your launch date for availability, a 50% deposit is required to secure your shoot date.  Once you're  booked in I collate all the information we have shared into a full treatment brief.  The brief outlines the shoot concept, the shot list, the approval method, image aspect ratio and the props selected for the shoot.  If you would like further information I have made a guide to planning your shoot.

The shoot

I know your busy running a buisness so I have made 5 options for approving your images on the shoot day to ensure you get exactly what you need.  See the image approval options here.

The editing

 Rest assured your images are in safe hands as I have worked previously as a professional retoucher.  I personally undertake all retouching in the days following the shoot ensuring a fast turnaround and consistant image quality.




Product photography props and backgrounds

I have a selection of  photography props kept in house to help style your shoot.   For example neutral painted backgrounds, colourful A1 card backgrounds, several colours of large linen tablecloths, ceramic plates and bowls,  marble trays, large stone tiles, vases, dried foliage and houseplants.   I select props with textures and colours that compliment your brands style.  Reusing backgrounds and props means I reduce your budget for photoshoot props and generate less waste as a business.

Prop and background selection 


Product photography styling

Whether your brand is modern and minimal or boho and rustic I'll create lifestyle photography that conveys the characteristics of your brand.   I provide styling advice during the planning process and and on set during your shoot.  I'm here to help choose the best props to visualise your style.   The impact of adding fresh ingredients or an unusual prop cannot be underestimated, they really make your brands imagery unique.  I love being involved in this part of the job but If you already have a stylist I'd love to work with them too.  


Lifestyle product photography

Capture your products in a styled environment that communicates the feel of your brand.  Drawing inspiration from ingredients, brand ethos or the settings in which your product is used.

Lifestyle product photography gallery.


Modern product photography

The opportunity to be minimalist, monotone or colourful with simple, striking product photography.  Sometimes less is more, this style of product photography will showcase your packaging in a timeless image that is focused on your branding.


Photoshoot lighting

I will create the atmosphere you need with beautiful studio lighting.  Ok I'll admit that I'm a lighting fanatic with all the kit required to create the right mood for your products.  I shoot with flash lighting to give me total control when creating these environments.  This means I'm not limited by the day length when shooting during the Winter season.  There are many options to choose from, sunny daylight style lighting, evening light with long dark shadows.  Super soft  light with smooth shadow graduation for that sophisticated feel.


Remote product photography

With Zoom screen sharing you can now join your shoot in real time from anywhere in the UK.   Giving you access to the shoot remotely from the comfort of your own office.  Whether you're joining me all day or just for a specific shot that needs art directing, it's all up to you.  My camera is tethered to my computer so you can see the images being shot appear live on screen, we communicate via audio only.  Choose from 5 on the shoot day approval methods for a custom service that suits your business needs.

More info on Remote product photography.


The studio


The studio in Hastings

My home photostudio in Hastings, East Sussex UK is perfect for lifestyle product photography.  A relaxed environment which has the benefit of additional household props being available plus access to the large garden.  I've recently moved so I will be updating the gallery soon.

For tabletop sets the maximum set size is 1 meter.   

More studio images.



Stephanie Dunleavy Managing Director at Soul Analyse 

Fantastic job from Sally. Great communication from start to finish. We had the delight of joining in on the full day shoot via Zoom - it was rather like we were there and was so great to be able to relay feedback and see everything in action. Couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Most certainly will be working with Sally again the future!  

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