Not On The High Street Product Photography

It’s really important to present your products clearly and beautifully, to inspire the customer to find out more from your product page and, hopefully, to make a purchase.  Here is NOTHS guide to product photography.

What works for customers

At, the story we’re telling is one of unique beauty, achievable style, and inspiring homes and lifestyles. A great way to tell the story of your range is through lifestyle imagery. This is a tried and tested method that portrays the products in situ and inspires customers by prompting them to picture your items in their own homes.

The importance of props

Simple, relevant props give products a sense of belonging and, most importantly, scale. Accessorising your product imagery will offer customers a full understanding of the size and function of your product at first glance.

Creating a story

With just a hint of simple styling and accessorising, you can really bring your products to life. Using relevant props and settings allows us to create a consistent style across the site, contributing to the brand. This style, developed over time by our team, appeals to the wide customer base and enhances the appeal of the thousands of gorgeous products that our Partners offer.

Considering the ambience

When preparing photoshoots for printed catalogues or selecting products to promote in emails and on our site, we for look for bright and airy settings with plenty of natural light, soft, neutral tones and pastel colours to create a family-oriented feel.

Consistency is key

Creating a consistent look gives us the flexibility to use different combinations of products, while always achieving a coherent and inspiring result. It’s important to retain your own sense of style and brand, but we do recommend keeping our look in mind as images that work with our style are more likely to be selected for marketing and catalogue campaigns.

Make sure your product fills at least 80% of the image frame

Only ever display one main product (or a single set) per frame – grouping multiple products together could confuse your customer

When focusing on the individual detail of a product (for example a delicate engraving), make sure the scale and context of the whole product remains clear

Use props to help indicate scale, but keep them to a minimum to avoid detracting attention from the main product – and always make sure they’re relevant to the context

As a rule, stick to white or light-coloured backgrounds – black is always a no-go

Make sure your final images are square – at least 900 x 900 pixels – and of the highest resolution and quality possible.

Ensure that your image name accurately describes your product.  Always consider what the customer may be searching for when choosing your image name.

See my styled product photography gallery

Virtual photoshoot

I understand that photography is vitally important to your brand, plus a photoshoot is a big investment.  After creating your brand identity and making a shot list you may not be able to attend the shoot yourself.   Take away the uncertainty by attending it virtually!  A virtual photoshoot is a new service I offer whereby using Zoom it's possible to art direct a photoshoot in real time from the comfort of your own office.  Perfect for eCommerce and lifestyle product photography, you can attend as much or as little of the shoot as you like.  Book my virtual photoshoot.

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