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 I'm based in Hastings East Sussex and available for remote bookings across the UK.

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Lifestyle Product Photography

I will create a modern and atmospheric environment for your products to tell their story, using creative lighting, styling and props.  Fabrics add texture, coloured backgrounds add crisp horizon lines and foliage can create beautiful shadows and depth.  I'm here to help you visualise the best props to suit your brief.

Lifestyle product photography is versatile, use it on your website, social media channels and paid advertising.  

E-Com Product Photography

Team your creative product photography with my great quality product shots for a cohesive brand image.  A studio shot of your product on a pure white background with a neat natural shadow, no props or backgrounds.  If you're selling online, clear photos help set a realistic expectation of what a customer will be receiving in the mail.

Use E-Commerce product shots for a clean listing on your website and other stockists.

Remote Product Photography

A remote shoot is a new service I offer whereby using zoom its possible to art direct a shoot in real time.  See the images arrive in my capture software as I share my screen with you, communicate via your audio only.  

Retouching and colour matching

Perfecting images through editing, making alterations and enhancements.  Remove imperfections and even out a models skin tone.  Changing the colour of a product or any of its parts. See more retouching examples.

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