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I'm based in Hastings and available for remote bookings from across the UK.

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Please excuse any delay in replying to your email.  I'm a sole trader whose normally shooting in the studio to a deadline, I reply to my emails at the end of the shoot day and within 48 hours.

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What image proportions you require, landscape, square or portrait?  Include the aspect ratio if known eg 3x2.

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Do you have a style in mind already?   A Pinterest board is great for sharing these ideas, add a link to your mood board.

Are there specific props from my complimentary selection you would like me to use?  Are there brand colours that need to be included?

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If you are booking a lifestyle shoot please let me know your preferred "on the shoot day method"

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Lifestyle Product Photography

Create an atmosphere for your products with styled props and lovely lighting.

Beauty photography    Jewellery photography    Homeware photography Product photography


E-Com Product Photography

The essential good quality product on a white background shot.

E-com product photography gallery.


Remote Styled Product Photography

Not able to attend a shoot?  This option is for you.

Learn more about a remote photo shoot.


Stop Motion Photography

Increase engagement with simple ideas of motion.

GIF gallery.



Need to amend existing existing imagery?

 Retouching examples.


Colour Matching

Change the colour of a product or match a swatch.

See more colour matching examples.


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