Remote Product Photography

A remote shoot is a new service I offer whereby using Zoom its possible to art direct a shoot in real time from the comfort and safety of your own office. 

How it works

I send you a link to join a Zoom meeting, I share my computer screen and audio, you share your audio only.  (You can't see the studio)

My camera is wired into my computer,  each frame I shoot appears in real time on screen displayed in my capture software.

The capture software allows me to name the files, crop, adjust the exposure and colour.  It will look like the image above.

We both watch my image capture screen, talking through each shot to discuss composition etc.  There is a curser so I can point to items using this.

Attend as much or as little of the shoot as you like, we agree a time for lunch and breaks to synchronise our days.

Just to note, a digital watermark of my name will be displayed on all images during the shoot.

Above is a short video to demonstrate how a shoot would work.

Let me know if you have any questions at all or would like a quick demo of how this could work for you.

See my guide on how to commission product photography here

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